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The trip lives all over the place

Tickets are stored across different apps and emails, updates are pushed with little context or relevance. It’s up to the traveller to piece everything together.

Out-of-the-box user flows tailored for each service

Yilu handles all the heavy lifting for mapping service types, covering use cases and designing user journeys to ensure travellers benefit from integrations in their existing app — with minimal changes to brand interface.

Personalised experience thanks to smart logic

Yilu learns from the user’s behaviour, ensuring an experience that becomes increasingly relevant. Partners accumulate valuable insights enabling contextual communication based on timing, location and historic data.

Pick and choose from our curated partner ecosystem

Our one-to-many model means Yilu enterprise partners will have their choice of integrations across the entire travel graph. This allows for selections across service type, geography and demographics.

Client portal for management and insights

Customers benefit from a real-time view of user activity and full customisation control — including how best to manage permissions, when to push relevant content, and what settings to include.

Monetise services across the whole journey

Ultimately, Yilu offers new revenue streams to our partners. While travel companies help travellers move from A to B, we’re helping travel companies achieve scalable compensation for their efforts.

Transforming the way people travel.

Discover new growth opportunities without the technical headaches.

As an Enterprise Partner, you’ll have access to dozens of potential new growth opportunities. With a single integration, you can access our consolidated ecosystem of Service Partners and radically improve your customer offering.

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